12 Badass Personal Development Audiobooks

What are the top Personal Development audiobooks to make my commute more fun, inspiring and motivating? Why should I listen to audiobooks on my commute?

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Our hectic lifestyles can often get in the way of our goals and personal aspirations. In the age of social media, more people are looking within to find their what, their why and their when, now more than ever.

Personal development has never been more important.

Most people go with the motions and put themselves last when it comes to finding what it is they want out of life. Having no time is an excuse of the past. You can learn personal development techniques right in your car on your commute to and from work. With these key audiobooks for personal development, it has never been easier.

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Personal Development Audiobooks For Your Commute!

1. Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck- Mark Manson

This book is simply amazing. I can not give it enough praise. Which is probably why its a #1 Bestseller! Manson does a fantastic job of grasping your attention and keeping it. And we all know the commute to and from work can be as stressful as the job itself. Be prepared to get the no-nonsense advice you never knew you needed.

Narrated by: Roger Wayne

2. Unf*ck Yourself – Gary John Bishop

I’ve never talked back to audiobook quite like I have with Unf*ck Yourself! A true masterpiece for self-awareness and quitting negative self-talk. A true invaluable companion on your journey. One of the best parts of the book came in a single question. Are You Willing? Are you willing to be brutally honest with yourself and achieve your goals? To put in the work it takes to get that promotion or lose that weight? This is quite possibly the most powerful book you will read if you are stuck where you dont want to be.

Narrated by: Gary John Bishop

3. Girl, Stop Apologizing- Rachel Hollis

Girl Stop Apologizing is your new BFF. Giving you the tools you need to live the life of your dreams, with feeling shame or guilt. Hollis gives tons of good advice while also keeping it real. She reminds you that there are plenty of things we do, conscious and subconscious, that even with good intentions, we do that hold ourselves back.

Narrated by: Rachel Hollis

4. Girl, Wash Your Face- Rachel Hollis

With each chapter being a lie Rachel Hollis has believed, she has set out to defeat them. With super relatable examples from her own life, she challenges what you think is fact and in true BFF fashion tells you why they aren’t. Hollis tackles touchy topics like “I Should Be Farther Along By Now” and “I Will Never Get Past This”. Rachel aims to change your life with straight talk, and encourage you to live a more fulfilling life!

Narrated by: Rachel Hollis

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5. 33 Strategies of War- Robert Greene

Just looking at the title you probably wouldn’t think this was a personal development book but indeed it is. 33 Strategies of War is a comprehensive guide to the subtle social game of everyday life, based on, you guessed it, war strategies and military principals. Greene turns military combat into a metaphor for life and it will be the most practical and eye-opening audiobook you have ever listened to.

Narrated by: Donald Coren

6. The Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg

Duhigg’s instant classic explores why we do what we do and how we can change our lives by changing our habits. Using science as his base, he explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. With vast amounts of information, Charles ensnares you and shows you the possibilities and potentials of the human nature.

Narrated by: Mike Chamberlain

7. Radical Acceptance – Tara Brach Ph.D

In this audiobook, Brach offers a path to freedom. She leads you to trust your innate goodness and shows how to develop compassion which is the core of Radical Acceptance. Tara encourages you to be your most genuine self and heal from fear. Once healed you can focus on living, and having authentic, loving relationships and experiences.

Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell

8. The Four Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

Featured in my article “The Top Self Help Books That Actually Work”, Don Miguel brings ancient Toltec wisdom to your life in the most brilliant of ways. The Four Agreements are essentially agreements that we all should make with ourselves and others. It is essentially the guide to a fulfilling life. Miguel reveals the source of “self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering”.

Narrated by: Peter Coyote

9. Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

One of the most important audiobooks you can have in your personal development library, Think and Grow Rich is for those who are interested in reaching new heights in their lives. Your guide to success with interviews by some of the most famous men in history. If you are looking to reach your goals and reach new financial heights, this audiobook is for you.

Narrated by: Erik Synnestvedt

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10. Stop Doing That Sh*t- Gary John Bishop

Author of Unf*ck Yourself, which is also listed here, we move on to Bishops other installment. Stop Doing That Sh*t is a guide to end self-sabotage and getting your life back. It helps you get in touch with your psyche and teaches you how to interrupt negative thoughts before they manifest.

Narrated by: Gary John Bishop

11. The Untethered Soul- Michael A. Singer

Singer does a fantastic job of placing your attention on your consciousness and teaching you how to live in the present moment. What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? You’ll discover what it takes to end habitual habits and thoughts that put limits on your consciousness.

Narrated by: Peter Berkrot

12. Boundaries – Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Are you interested in learning when to say yes and when to say no? Then Boundaries is for you! This book has helped more than 2 million people set boundaries in their lives and take control of any situation. Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend answer the questions that many people ask when setting boundaries.

Why do I feel guilty or afraid to set boundaries? Aren’t having boundaries selfish? Can I set limits and still be a loving person? All too often we put people we love before ourselves and even people we don’t know. It’s taking a toll on you. Regain your voice and take back your life with Boundaries.

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