25 Easy Smart Money Hacks You Can Make Now

Wishing you could save some major bucks? Is it always a struggle at the end of the month. Or have you had the unfortunate fate of having something major come up and you have nothing set aside to pay for it. Well, earning and saving doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 25 super easy to follow smart money hacks you can use to kick off good money habits today!

smart money hacks
  1. Budget– well we couldn’t have a money hacks list without budgeting on it now, could we? I know it is the most basic answer, but really when you can compartmentalize money you can really see where your money goes. I love the envelope technique. Separate your money in cash into different envelopes. Work out your categories and split your money into these envelopes at the beginning of the month. It becomes almost like a game, and you will be excited to find leftovers at the end of the month.
  1. Cash Only– one of the reasons the banks created cards, was that we spend more when we don’t physically have to part with it. But if you carry only cash around with you, you can see exactly how much you are spending and it makes you think twice before you spend everything, leaving you with an empty wallet.
  1. Generic Brands– I know they don’t look as pretty as other brands but store own generic brands are generally made with the exact same ingredients but for a fraction of the cost. You can save hundreds just by buying generic brands in the supermarkets.
  1. Clear Cache and History– if you are going to buy a flight online, go incognito, or clear the history before you search again. The prices will increase to give you a sense of urgency. If you can sing in as a guest user on any website, as a newcomer you are more likely to receive enticing offers.
  1. Car insurance – at least once a year dig out those insurance papers, spend a bit of time researching other insurance companies, and gather some quotes together. Then call your insurance company and ask if they can match the price. More likely than not they will match the price or at least drop it. Guaranteed to work so don’t be shy.
  1. Workout at home -there are so many amazing online trainers nowadays. You can find heaps of great workouts on youtube and other sites without having to spend a dime. Gyms are overpriced and not necessary for you to keep in shape.
  1. Keep Healthy– there are loads of reasons why you should keep healthy, but when it comes to money the best way to avoid pricey medical bills and medication is to keep that ass moving, stay fit and healthy, and avoid the hospital.
  1. Buy after 30 Days– this is a great test of self-control! When you see something on the pricey side of things WAIT. Don’t impulse buy, wait for 30 days and then see if you still love it as much as you did a month ago. This way you will stop making the mistake of buying things and a month later they still sit in your closet untouched. (This is a gem when it comes to smart money hacks!)
  1. Eat Less Meat-I won’t insist you go veggie (it will change your life if i must say so), but you can cut down on meat. The price of beef is only increasing, so try to leave the meat a few days a week and experiment with delicious veggie recipes, you never know you might even be converted.
  1. No Spend Day– just try one day a week where you don’t open your purse, or click BUY online. Make sure you have organized it well enough so you have everything with you when you leave the house in the morning, and see how freeing it can be to not have money to spend.
  1. Meal Prep– is an amazing way to save heaps of money. If you can set aside a couple of hours a week and bulk cook some meals and freeze them, it will save you money and time during the busy week.
  1. Buy Food Online– I wasn’t convinced that this would actually save me any money. But the reality is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The temptation to buy the entire store decreases when you are stuck in front of a computer, and on top of that the best promotions are online so it’s a double whammy.
  1. Airbnb– rent out the extra room in your apartment if you can, at least on weekends or over holidays, you will be surprised how much that dead space can earn you.
  1. Walk More– there is no need to drive or catch transport everywhere. Use that body of yours and get it moving. Not only is it great for your health but it can save you on gas or travel money. Get some fresh air and get a step counter to motivate you.
  1. Buy a Used Carcars deplete in value so quickly, so go for a used car. There is no need to buy brand new, if it can get you from A to B that’s the most important thing.
  1. Meetup-if you normally go to a bar to socialize but want to avoid spending money, jump on meetup and see what kind of interesting things are going on in your area, most likely you can go be sociable and not touch your wallet and meet new and interesting people.
  1. Earn Cash as You Spend– when you do buy online you can literally get cashback for doing so. Check out Swagbucks and other similar applications.
  1. Pot Luck-Instead of going out to restaurants the whole time, invite your friends over for pot luck. It saves you from cooking everything or spending loads in a restaurant, but you still get to eat food you didn’t prepare yourself!
  1. Make Your Own Cleaning Product-lemon and vinegar- you can make a great house cleaning product from vinegar and lemons, leave the lemon rind in a bottle fo vinegar for a week then take out the lemons. The end result is a great household cleaner that you can use in your kitchen, bathroom, and surfaces. The best thing about it is it costs next to nothing!
  1. Buy Second Hand– it can be strange to make the switch from buying new to second hand. But once you start it is hard to stop. Second-hand stores are like treasure troves, you never know what you will find. I have found some epic bargains in thrift stores so don’t hold back.
  1. Drink More Water-it’s crazy how quickly all the beverages we buy can add up. Coffee on the way to work, soda from the vending machine, a bottle of water at the gym, a wine with a friend (or bottle!), some beers in the sunshine, a cocktail at the end of the night. They add up. The only thing we really need is water, and best of all it’s free for the majority of us. So invest in a good water bottle and fill that baby up.
  2. Ladies Buy a Menstrual Cup– I have to be honest  I was pretty grossed out by the idea of a menstrual cup, and just continued forking out for tampons every month. Various friends recommended the menstrual cup to me and I finally caved. It takes a minute to get used to. But after that, it’s a win-win, no stinky sanitary pads or tampons. If you get it right, no leaking. And best of all you make a small one-off payment of about $15 and you never have to buy tampons again.
  1. Fellas Don’t Buy Shaving Cream-there is literally no need and it is kinda expensive. You can use any oil you have in your house, olive oil or coconut oil work a treat because you also don’t need to buy moisturizer for your face if you use oils, the skin stays nice and moist.
  1. Convenience Stores– although it is sad not to support local businesses. If your priority right now is to save money don’t shop in convenience stores. Everything is more expensive than in a larger supermarket, a few cents with every product really adds up.
  1. Use Coupons-it is so easy just to download the Honey browser extension and when you have to shop online it will notify you if there is a coupon available for you to use. Effortless savings.

Watch your earnings flow and your savings grow with these super simple 25 smart money hacks! Got more smart money hacks that you would like to share? Let others know in the comments other super simple ways to earn and save their money today!

Got tips of your own? Let’s chat in the comments!

smart money hacks

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Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever...

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Nikki D.

Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever grateful!!
Ive never loved a website like i love yours! Made for for millennials i feel welcomed and i always learn...

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Joyce S.

Ive never loved a website like i love yours! Made for for millennials i feel welcomed and i always learn something new! Fresh perspectives and so much more, there is a ton of value here!
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Hannah D.

Never in my life have i learned as much as ive learned from any site like i have with yours. Awesome!
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