6 Effortless Ways To Build Confidence & Stop Doubting Yourself

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The digital age has made stopping self doubt and learning how to build confidence more important than ever. We are super lucky to live in an age where we have so many options, just type anything into Google and your options are endless.

Having trouble with choosing a restaurant to eat at? Your next interesting travel destination? Choosing a Hotel? Or you want to change your career. But are these endless options really helpful?

Do you ever get lost in a world online, with so many options it’s impossible to choose so you end up with nothing?

You want to build confidence so you can really start living but you’re just not sure where to start?

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Why do we always end up talking ourselves out of decisions that can really shape our futures? Why do we keep second guessing ourselves?

No Decision is a Bad Decision

Somehow we are programmed to believe that there are two answers, the right one and the wrong one. We think that the world will collapse around us if we make the wrong decision.

Well, that’s a lot of pressure don’t you think? And it just isn’t true! No decision is a bad decision, it is just different. That’s right, you heard me, you can’t go wrong.

The reality is no one has a magic crystal ball, no one can predict the future. There is no one right path and one wrong path. Life is just a series of obstacles that we have to problem-solve our way through.

Don’t undermine yourself or your abilities, everything life throws at you on this crazy rollercoaster is nothing more than you can handle. Have your own back, you’ve got this!

Change Your Negative Thought Patterns

If you are anything like I used to be in the toughest times in your life you end up being your own worst enemy. Repeating the mantra that you can’t do it, that things won’t get better, feeling sorry for yourself, playing the victim in your own mind until you just start to believe that self-doubt.

We have to change that, RIGHT NOW. You have control of your thought patterns, so when your mind throws you a negative thought, boomerang it back and replace it with a positive one.

Your mind can easily become a broken record, playing the same bad tune over and over, switch it over! Put on another track and fast forward your way out of your negative mindset.

If in Doubt, Write a List

Trust in yourself, trust in your gut, and if in doubt write a list! I do love a good old pros and cons list, and really having that visual can help. I find that sometimes I write a list and then even if the pros list is longer, my gut tells me the opposite. And that’s fine too. That is actually a great technique to see what your gut is telling you.

Everyone Makes Mistakes 

Give yourself a break! When we struggle to make decisions we really start to beat ourselves up and lose confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Go easy on yourself, no one is perfect, literally, everyone makes mistakes, they don’t just say that to make you feel better it is true I promise.

So if you do make a mistake, make that mistake a win, turn it around on its head and make the best out of a bad situation. You have the toolbox to fix anything you just have to open it. 

Take on Bitesize Tasks

We live in a world of multi-tasking. We constantly have a tonne of screens open at the same time. But when we try to do a million things at once, we inevitably fail, and then we give ourselves shit for failing!

What is that about? You have to change that up, let yourself be a winner. Take on one thing at a time. Close those other screens, stop distracting yourself and give yourself bite-sized tasks to complete.

Once you are dealing with more manageable goals you will start succeeding, that feeling of accomplishment is what you are looking for to start feeling like the winner that you are. One thing at a time girl!

Be Kind to Yourself

 Remember you are not alone, we all have moments of self-doubt, even some of the highest achievers and most successful people in the world believe they don’t deserve it sometimes or think that they are imposters in their success.

So be kind to yourself, acknowledge your wins, however small they are. And for real, stop comparing yourself to others, we are not the same, we don’t have the same experiences, but we can all produce amazing things.

Give yourself the compliments you would give your best friend, when you start to trust yourself and believe in yourself you will see how much you can flourish.

Understanding these simple concepts can help open up a world of possibilities that you can only dream of, if only you can just trust your intuition and your gut. Your soul knows what it wants.

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Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever...

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Nikki D.

Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever grateful!!
Ive never loved a website like i love yours! Made for for millennials i feel welcomed and i always learn...

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Joyce S.

Ive never loved a website like i love yours! Made for for millennials i feel welcomed and i always learn something new! Fresh perspectives and so much more, there is a ton of value here!
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Hannah D.

Never in my life have i learned as much as ive learned from any site like i have with yours. Awesome!
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