20 Simple Reasons You Need A Morning Routine

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A morning routine is an essential part to having a well planned, organized day. Are you always running around in the morning, trying to remember a million things you have to do before leaving the house?

Do you always forget something? Do you hate planning, and just try and wing it every time, but are you getting a bit bored of always being late, and not appearing on top pf your game?


Well, maybe it is time to make a morning routine, sit down and plan out exactly what you need to do every day, choose reasonable time frames, and make achievable goals. If you still need convincing check out these ten reasons why making a morning routine is truly the best idea.

morning routine

1.Less Planning Time

This is a little contradictory. But the thing is if you just sit down and get your plan together once. Then that plan should really apply to every day. So you don’t have to waste time trying to get your shit together whilst you are stumbling around like a half-asleep zombie-or is that just me?!

2.Less Chance Of Forgetting Everything

There is nothing worse than showing up to a meeting having forgotten the most important document. Or going to the gym without sneakers, or forgetting your keys. It is just so disheartening, stressful, and can completely ruin your day. So if you can avoid that at any cost it’s a bonus!

3.Mornings Are More Efficient w/ a Morning Routine.

If you have a good routine in place, over time you will become more and more efficient at seeing it through. This efficiency will carry through to the rest of your life. It’s like a dominoes effect. Once you have one successful routine you just want to make more and more and more!

4.Less Procrastination

OMG, hands up to the Queens of procrastination! If there was an award for the best procrastinator, then this is an award I would have won hands down back in the day. It is truly quite impressive how much time can be wasted doing nothing all day. Especially in the morning, just an extra five minutes, eyes closed, just thinking about how much you don’t want to get out of bed! So once you have your routine down packed, there will be no more of this.

5.Good Habits

We go through our teens collecting bad habits so by the time we hit our twenties, there are a ton of bad habits we need to get rid of. The sooner the better. Because when you get to a certain age it’s so much harder (but not impossible) to shake bad habits. People can truly get set in their ways, so make sure you set up your habits for life!

6.Increased Self-Confidence

There is something a little disheartening about forgetting things, or always showing up late. You know that people can see that about you and some smart ass always makes a comment.  It is just offputting. Be that woman who always thinks ahead. That always has whatever it is you need. Who shows up on time always, and never forgets something. Prepped and ready for the day. When you know you have everything together, you just feel more powerful.

7. Helps Create A Sleep Schedule

So if you are an erratic sleeper or just bad in general at going to sleep at a decent hour of the day. If you set up a morning routine, then it automatically leads into setting a rough time to go to bed. Once your body clock is used to the time you have set to get up in the morning then it will be begging you for an early night too!

8. Keep Your Mind Fresh

When we get up without knowing what we have to do that day, trying to remember a million things, whilst throwing coffee down your throat to force a jumpstart to or brains, the messages all mixed. Our brains are so confused and overwhelmed by so much going on, we end up leaving the house with a befuddled mind. Get up, follow your routine, eat well, hydrate well, and your mind will be fresh as a field of daisies.

9.More Time on Your Hands

When you have a routine together, you don’t have to think about everything you need to get sorted. You just do it. Which means you actually have time time to play with. Once everything is done, you can have a little sit-down, check out your phone if needs be, and give yourself a pat on the back that you got everything done!

10.Time for Self-Care

Include time in your morning routine for a bit of self-care. whether that be writing a morning journal or spending time on your beauty routine, eating breakfast sitting down. All these little things will make a big difference in how you feel for the rest of the day.

11. Saves Time, Because Time is Money, Honey.

Time is our most valuable asset. We cannot get it back when we lose it or waste it on meaningless things. So use your time wisely and spend it on what really matters, less on scrolling through your phone for hours!

12.No Need for Willpower and Forcing Yourself

Once you have a routine sorted it is so much easier, you just get used to your pattern. You don’t have to think about it anymore. Or convince yourself that getting up is the best thing to do. After a while, you just start to do it. So no more forcing yourself, or trying to get the willpower to get out of bed every day. Save your energy and your willpower for something else!

13. Stress Less

We all need less stress in our lives, anything to avoid feeling stressed is a good thing in my book. Stress means, high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and greying hair! Give yourself one less reason to stress out, and maintain calmness.

14. More Time Equals More Sleep

If you have a set routine, where everything is organized in your mind,  then you don’t have to waste time every day trying to remember everything you need to get done. So you have a few mins extra sleep. Even if it is only ten mins more if you are like me every second counts!

15. Healthy Eating Habits Are Formed

No more grab and go breakfasts, drive through Mcmuffin or bagel on the way to work. If you don’t make it yourself then you don’t know what is in it. And what is in it is usually a ton of hidden nasty additives. But if you make yourself something at home, you can make it healthy and clean. Be nice to your body and your body will be nice to you! One of the many perks of adding a healthy breakfast to your morning routine!

16. You Build Momentum

Start your morning routine how you envision the rest of your mornings to be for the foreseeable future. Get organized, get everything in order, and the rest of your day will follow suit. Get the ball rolling on your day, and watch how it will unfold with so much more ease when you have control of the beginning.

17. Save Some $$$$

If you can eat at home, and make your own coffee it all adds up. There is no need to throw it down the drain when it is just as easy to make breakfast at home. Save the money and treat yourself to something nice after your first month of sticking to a routine.

morning routine

18. Improved Morale

Are you the kind of person that gets a kick out of seeing a checkmark by everything you have on the ‘to do? If you give yourself that feeling every day, as you walk out of the door, knowing that everything on your list is done this boosts your morale and most importantly your confidence.

19. Priorities Are In Check

With all the running around, being half asleep, procrastinating, we end up spending more time on things that don’t actually matter. So time to put that cell down, and give yourself the time and energy you deserve in the morning to make everything happen.

20. Energized And Feeling Fine

If you can get up in time to eat well, and prepare your mind for the day and even fit in some exercise then you will feel amazing for the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be every day, but a little yoga, or follow a fifteen-minute routine from youtube can help you get fit and healthy and makes you feel like you can take on anything the day throws at you.

So what are your favorite reasons for starting and keeping a morning routine? Share with us below and lets get this convo going!

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Nikki D.

Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever grateful!!
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