Simple Guide To Starting A Blog In 2020

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So, you’ve seen this everywhere, “How I Make $10k A Month Blogging” and you’re intrigued. Well, starting a blog in 2020 and making money from it isn’t as easy as trying to recreate what another blogger has done through their highly inflated blog titles.

It takes CONSISTENCY, TIME and major DEDICATION to start seeing the benefits of your hardwork!

Got all three of those?

Well you are in the right place! Im going to let you know everything you need to start a money making blog in 2020 and get your first affiliate sale!

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starting a blog in 2020

1. Lets start with your niche!

So what the hell is a niche? A Niche is a distinct segment of a market.

What topic can you think of that you can passionately talk about for hours, days, hell, weeks even? That should probably be your niche.

The Paradox

Niches can be very broad, for example: Health & Fitness is a HUGE niche. But you need to find your tiny slice of internet if you are going to be successful in the blogging world.

So instead of a health and fitness blog you can be a yoga blog for plus size women. Now thats a good niche!

2. Now You Need A Name!

When thinking of a name for your blog dont overthink it!

It might be easiest to go with your name if you are a personal blog or go with a short phrase that speaks to you (like lol)

Don’t use drawn out phrases, something that doesn’t pertain to your blog, dashes, spaces, fancy symbols or anything else that your audience wont be able to remember or that just doesn’t fit the image you’re going for!

And always, always, always use .com. It’s the most universally known and easy to remember!

Domain names should be simple and should convey the message of your blog in some way, shape, or form. If at a loss, use your name.

-The Paradox

3. Now lets talk about hosting!

So, you’ve got your niche and name down packed and ready to go now you need to actually host that sucker. “But what is web hosting?” you may ask.

Web hosting is a service that allows people to actually access your blog through the internet.

So you need hosting for people to access your blog and you need a domain so your blog can be seen.

These two are like butter and toast. (These are essential items for starting a blog in 2020. )

The best web hosting on the block (& one i use to power my own blog) is BlueHost.

Its great for you if you are just starting out as they are very well known in the industry. Plus use my special link and get hosting for $3.95/mo!

Now how do i bring all of this together once i have my domain and hosting?

4. WordPress.Org– Your Blogging Software

WordPress is the beez-neez here in the blogging world and a complete user friendly package!

WordPress has thousands of plugins to make your blogging life so much easier and its completely FREE!

Just go to (NOT .COM), and follow the prompts to sign up and boom! Its that easy!

5. You Need a Theme

Now that you’ve got your blog all ready and on wordpress now you need to pick your theme!

Luckily, wordpress has hundreds of free themes you can use until you start racking in more pageviews ( and money) and want your blog to have more personality!

But, if you are looking for a paid theme you can go to the Creative Market and find a theme that fits your brand!

6. Your First Post!

Now that you have gotten your theme its now time to write your first post! Start with jotting down some things you want to talk about and do some research on them to see if people are searching for them on search engines!

A good tool for that is at or for content creation research!

You can also use Pinterest to search for a topic! More on that below.

When writing a blog post make sure that it solves a problem for your readers.

Thats a sure fire way to get the right kind of traffic, (aka your ideal market).

Once you have written your first post, its time to write about 19 more. I know, wtf right?

But its a good rule of thumb to start your blog with at least 15 blog posts to make you look like an authority on your subject.

You can absolutely launch with one post ( I launched with 3). Once you’ve decided on how many posts you want to launch and you’ve clicked publish in the top right corner its time to let the world know!

7. You Need Pinterest

The secret thats not so secret to skyrocketing your page views? Pinterest! Pinterest is a search engine not social media, and as crazy as that sounds it is so very effective!

Getting your posts on Pinterest in the form of pinterest pins is a good way to get your ideal readers onto your blog and even better? Onto your email list. Which brings me to….

8. Start A Email List IMMEDIATELY!

Your email list is your bread and butter! These are your ideal clients who actively want to engage with your brand.

To start you can use Mailchimp which is free! I use Mailerlite which is also free with better integrations! (Get started using Mailerlite here!)

Pamper and spoil your email list and it will do the same to you.

starting a blog in 2020

9. Tailwind..You’re Welcome.

If you’ve got your blog up and running, your mailing list set up and your first post (preferably 20 posts to start) published, nows the time to get tailwind!

Im pretty sure you know what tailwind is but if you don’t its a Pinterest (and now instagram) automation tool that lets you automate pins to your boards AND helps you extend your reach to millions of people!

Interested in getting tailwind? Join here!

10. Focus On One Or Two Social Accounts.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get a brand new brand up, running and looking legit than trying to do all of that on every social platform.

While you may want to branch out to each platform once your blog grows, i suggest picking two social media platforms and sticking with those for the first year or so.

My favorites? Pinterest and Facebook!

I get my most engagement and following from those two platforms. You can def get the same results on instagram but for my blog instagram really didn’t deliver like the others.

This will be trial and error. You wont know which platform works until you but your brand out there!


11. Guest. Post.

Yep, i said it. Getting started with a brand new blog with no page views can be a little, discouraging to say the least.

But never fear darling, you can go to blogs in your niche and see if they have a little thing called guest posting!

This gives you the ability to write to readers who are already in your niche and get the much needed exposure you really need! All for free!

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most misunderstood elements of blogging. Solely because its thought that you sign up for an affiliate program and then in 5 minutes you’ll be rich right?

( I talk a little bit about this mindset in my Mega Mindset Course: Join the Waitlist here!)

Some of the most popular affiliate sites are ShareASale, Amazon, CJ Affiliate and Clickbank.

Im here to tell you that those are great and all but its better if you can find bloggers or brands in your niche who already have a successful product that you can promote!

This is where the money is! Just be sure to look at the requirements if they have any. You might be too small but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. Start your affiliate research and keep what looks promising, ditch what doesn’t.

13. Be Patient

Its hard not to get discouraged during your first couple months of blogging. But let me tell you something, this shit rocks! Consistency is key, don’t give up sis.

Once your brand comes together this will be your life, your air, your..everything. Be patient, nurture it and it will pay you back 10 fold!

Don’t forget to claim your special offer thats only for my readers! Get hosting today for $3.95!

Not sure if you have what it takes to start a blog?

Maybe you should start with my Mega Mindset Course to help eliminate that negative self talk and help you rise into the role you were meant to fill!



  1. Hello Courtney, these are great tips. I have been thinking of other ways to earn online. I am a virtual assistant but then I have this urge to start a blog though haven’t really had the chance to focus on starting one. I want to read more first before jumping into it. I have seen other articles discussing on what ways to earn online. Here is one I read that is also a good one if I may share it here >> Thank you and Cheers!

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Wow girl! Your freebies are so helpful and you really helped me with my goals when i contacted you! Forever grateful!!
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