setting goals sucks, but it doesn't have to.

Are you sick of "SMART" goals that make you feel dumb? (because who really has time for that.) Ready for a no BS guide on slaying your goals TODAY (not tomorrow), starting a new habit in record time and staying motivated while doing it? 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Long term goals are not your thing. Sitting down to set goals today for a "maybe" in the future is a little, well off-putting and extremely un-motivating. You're not sure what goals you should actually be setting and the whole "goal" thing has never really worked in the past. 

Not really sure where to start or how to plan out your goals for them to be effective long term. Confused on how to set realistic goals and how to go about making new changes stick.

Not sure with the everyday hustle and bustle of life that you could even be motivated every day to set time aside to achieve your goals or even start a habit. Work drains you enough and you just want to set a goal and go for it.

Skeptical that goal setting or goal slaying is even a thing thats attainable for you at this point in your life. Goal setting seems like something only certain people can implement and master, and you feel you aren’t one of those people.

What if you could...

Set, reflect and achieve your goals within 30 days*? Build a new relationship with yourself and exceed your expectations. Gain a new insight on your finances and really dig deep into your budget to make sure your financial goals are hit. Or, maybe track your wellness to make sure you are staying on track with your health needs?

All for one super affordable price?


the ultimate goal planner

The 84 page no fluff printable planner that will help you build the life you love and make you into a pro at setting and achieving your goals in no time! Set goals, manage time, create a budget, build good habits and keep yourself motivated with easy planner pages. Now thats a WIN, WIN!

Here's what you'll get

Over $85 worth of bonuses

Finance Tracker

Set a budget, track your incoming and outgoing expenses, set a savings goal and finally get a handle on your finances!

12 Month Habit Tracker Pages

Track your habits for the next year with the beautiful undated monthly habit tracker!

Wellness Worksheets

Keep track of what matters the most! Jot down your exercise, mood, gratitude, food and more with the wellness tracker worksheets!

The Only planner you will ever need! (seriously)

The Ultimate Goal Planner has you covered on all bases. Whether you just need to plan it out, get financially fit, track your meditation minutes or want to start a new habit. You can do it all with The Ultimate Goal Planner!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

If you are looking for a planner that will end all planners LOOK NO FURTHER! Beautiful, cohesive and really helpful, i cant stop recommending this to my friends and family!

-Jamie (

Hey Sis, Im Courtney!

Im an average twenty something who is also an avid book reader, dog mom, vegan and lover of all things funny. But im also a huge advocate for personal development and goal setting. 

I started this journey awhile back whilst in college majoring in psychology. What I learned there has not only helped me shape my life, but also shape the lives of others. 

Im here to help you through no BS, easy to follow, down to earth teaching so you can achieve your goals and follow your dreams like I do everyday!

xoxo, Courtney

your goals wont slay themselves! grab your copy now!

Make your life easier and start achieving your goals TODAY! Stop waiting for “someday” sis. The clock’s ticking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, this is a no fluff guide to achieving your goals. It also includes bonuses that are necessary to do exactly that. Whether than have you pay for this and the bonuses (like so many others) I have provided everything you need here. So you don’t have to download multiple offers to get one result.

Both! You can print this off and put it in a binder or you can use with your favorite pdf markup app. Its very universal!

Due to the nature of this download, (it being a digital download) returns are not accepted. All sales are final. If you have any questions you can email me at

As of now there will not be any updates on the starter kit. 

Nope this can be used with any pdf markup app, or you can print it out!

Absolutely! You can shoot me an email at and we can chat!

As stated above this is a no fluff guide to achieving your goals, starting a routine habit and managing your time. In laments term it will guide you daily, weekly and monthly towards your goals and help build a better relationship with yourself and your to-do list. Have more questions? Email me at

This kit will cost you only $25!

Brilliant! So beautifully designed and the Ultimate Goal Planner has everything you need to be successful in the here and now instead of waiting for “someday”, it has really helped me buckle down and live in the now!

– Sasha Jenkins 

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